Album: "Escape Ferocity"
Label: Wasp Factory Recordings (2002)
Style: Industrial rock
Songs: 23


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Chaos Engine are a four man industrial rock band from Europe. The first thing that I noticed about this CD is that it contains 23 tracks. 14 of these are actual structured songs while 9 are short ambient/noise filler. Considering the fact that this is a heavy industrial rock band, the ambient/noise filler included here is out of place and interrupts the flow of the CD.

The actual structured songs on this CD sound like heavy alternative rock music with the addition of electronic programming and keyboards. Thereís a lot of heavy chugging guitars, bass and drum beats creating the music as clean untreated male vocals sing and shout over it all. Electronics, sampling and synth melodies are in the mix as well to add even more layering to the sound.

While Iím not the biggest fan of this style of music, I have to admit that The Chaos Engine does it extremely well. Those who are fans of heavy industrial rock music will enjoy this disc immensely. The overall recording is very well produced and polished with a big label sound. The musicians are talented and play their instruments to perfection. The singer has a good voice and sings in a lot of various ways. He can carry a tune melodically as well as shout like a raving mad lunatic. Also, thereís a lot of variety included here. Some songs are heavy and aggressive, while others are more relaxed power ballads. And thereís no shortage of tracks here. This CD provides the listener with a lot of music, and itís all equally quality. There really isnít anything that you would want to skip past. Well, other than maybe the weird short experimental filler. But none of it ever reaches a minute, so you will most likely be able to sit through it without skipping past it.

As far as commercial sounding industrial rock music is concerned, The Chaos Engine is one of the better bands in the genre. Donít miss this CD if you like industrial rock.