Album: "Can You Smell The Rain Between"
Label: Tone Casualties (2002)
Style: Dark experimental electro
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Controlled Bleeding is yet another act on the Tone Casualties label that makes dark, cold and dreary ambient experimental electronic music. And, as usual, I just donít see the appeal in such music.

The music contained on this CD actually gets under my skin and annoys me. I find it really difficult to listen to and rather irritating. Thereís no structure, rhythms, beats, vocals, or any signs whatsoever of being songs. Thereís just weird minimalist experimental sounds and samples over haunting melodies.

The fact that the majority of these tracks play for five minutes or longer really surprises me since they're so incredibly repetitive. After a minute of hearing just one of these tracks I was ready to throw myself out a window. Listening to this entire recording from start to finish in order to write this review was not an easy task. It was an unpleasant experience that made me cringe all the way through like hearing fingernails scraping against a chalkboard.

The only song here that didnít drive me to pure insanity was track eleven "Here Comes The Warm Jets" which is a cover of a Brian Eno song. Itís a fast paced electro rock instrumental that is really out of place on this CD. But it was a relief to hear this track as everything before it put me in a coma. Thankfully, it brought me out of the coma, and gave me enough revived energy to endure the remaining four songs.

All joking aside, this really was a difficult album for me to sit through from beginning to end. While Iím sure that there are people out there who will find this dark minimalist experimental ambient music appealing, I personally canít recommend it.