Album: "Blackacidevil"
Label: Hollywood Records (1996)
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Yes boys and girls, Danzig has decided to go the industrial route with his newest release "Blackacidevil". This is definitley the direction that I wanted him to go. His previous material was good hard goth rock. But now it's pure aggressive industrial music created with electronics, synths, guitars, and drum machines. His vocals are extremely distorted as well. Most of the songs found here are fast paced and angry with straight forward rhythms and beats. A lot of the songs remind me of Nine Inch Nails. There are a couple of songs here where Danzig sings with and without distortion. This adds variety to his singing. There are a couple of slower paced songs to be found here as well. So this album does have a lot of variety. For the most part it's hard to even recognize this as a Danzig album. If you like hard-core angry aggressive industrial music similar to Nine Inch Nails, you will enjoy this album a lot.