Album: "Awaken All Myths"
Label: Pandaimonium Records (2003)
Style: Industrial Metal
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Dark Runner is in fact very dark. The music offered here is a blend of heavy guitar mixed with haywire frantic electronic programming, slamming beats and deep distorted male vocals that yell with anger and hate. The sound is that of gothic industrial metal hybrid music offering elements of each for a chaotic outcome.

None of the songs are very structured as everything is experimental in construction. It's fast, hard, heavy and aggressive with an overall vibe of madness.

The album sounds rather muddy and muffled making it sound old. Basically, this doesn't sound like an album that came out in 2003. There's just too much bass and distortion drowning everything out making it less appealing in my opinion. There's also a lot more instrumentals than I would like as well.

One song "Master Save Us They Are Evil" is actually very good as it's electro-industrial/EBM with a lot of creative twists. If more of the album sounded like this song, it would have been a lot better. I hope the band decides to go more in this direction on their next CD.