Album: "Lava"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: Dark Electro-industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Das Ich are back with this follow-up to 2002's Anti' Christ. Their sound hasn't changed much as this album basically sounds like a continuation of Anti' Christ. So much it could be called "Anti' Christ 2". While this isn't a bad thing since Anti' Christ is a good album, I would have still preferred a little more change in their sound on this release. Because after two years it would have been nice to get something new instead of just more of the same thing. But I do like the music of Das Ich, so I'm fine with another batch of tunes from them even if they do sound rather familiar.

What Das Ich delivers on this album are mid to fast tempo dark orchestrated electro-industrial songs with tight programming, heavy beats, dramatic melodies and snarling vocals. All of the lyrics are in German, but I'm fine with this because there's a lot of emotion in both the music and vocals that I can still feel the passion without understanding the words.

What I like about Das Ich is that they have their own unique sound. This allows them to stand out. Every song on this CD is good, but some are more exciting than others. I especially enjoy the more energetic club tracks. If you like dark electro-industrial with German vocals, you should check this out.

Album: "Anti' Christ"
Label: Metropolis Records (2002)
Style: Dark Electro-industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

I have not been a follower of Das Ich as their recordings have only been available in Europe until recently. And I never imported their albums because their songs only include German lyrics. While I can accept German lyrics in a few songs on a CD, I donít like them for every song. But since this latest release by Das Ich was released domestically by Metropolis Records, I figured I would give it a listen. And Iím rather glad that I did as itís quite good.

What Das Ich delivers here are extremely dark and dramatic orchestrated electronic songs with a touch of industrial, EBM and darkwave. The music is made up of well textured electronic programming, heavy beats, haunting melodies and angry snarling male vocals that growl out the lyrics with spite.

While the songs are rather energetic, they donít really come off as dance tracks. Theyíre very orchestrated with a lot of dramatic moods and emotions creating an atmosphere of power and passion. But thatís not to say that the album is completely void of club tracks as there are quite a few here.

Thereís not a bad track to be heard here. They all manage to bring in their own unique elements to allow them to stand apart from each other. This is one of the few albums that I donít mind all the lyrics being in German as the singer doesnít sound like the usual deep and dreary German singer with an overly thick accent. While I would have liked some songs to have English lyrics, I admit that the all German lyrics keep the album consistent from beginning to end.

If you like dark, angry and aggressive German electro-industrial music with a dramatic orchestrated edge, this Das Ich CD canít be missed. But be warned that this album is not nice and friendly for shiny happy people. Itís quite evil only meant for those who have a dark side.

Album: "Re_Laborat"
Label: Metropolis Records (2001)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a best of remix collection of songs by the German dark electro-industrial band Das Ich. Each song here is remixed by a big name band in the scene including And One, Funker Vogt, L'ame Immortelle, Dance or Die, :wumpscut:, VNV Nation, In Strict Confidence, Kalte Farben and more. Since I've never heard the original versions of these songs, I can't judge how these remixes compare to them. But I do know that almost each and every song offered here is great.

Thankfully, none of my usual complaints with best of remix CDs are present here. There's no repeated songs, and every song is recorded at the same volume level. Basically, you're given fifteen of Das Ich's best songs remixed by some of the best artists in the scene. How can you go wrong with that?

What is so great about this CD is the amount of variety it offers. While most of the tracks are energetic and aggressive dark electro-industrial, there's moody deep and dramatic songs as well as industrial metal songs with chugging guitars. Every song sounds different, and are all placed in a great order.

The overall sound present throughout this long player is dark German industrial music created with nicely layered energetic electronic programming, heavy beats, dramatic melodies and angry growling male vocals. Sometimes in the mix are guitars as well, but fear not electro purists as they blend nicely with the music without ever overpowering it.

All of the lyrics are in German, and while I don't usually like all-German lyrics, I don't mind them too much on this recording. This is mainly because I like the singer's voice as it's not the usual deep thick dreary tone that a lot of German singers have.

As with most CDs, some tracks stand out more than others, but nothing is bad. If you like angry and aggressive German electro-industrial music, this CD is for you.


Album: "Staub"
Label: Etherhaus (1996)
Style: Electro Goth
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

The music found on this album is created with beautifully orchestrated haunting synths, drum programming, and catchy electronics. All of the harmonies found here are extremely melodic and powerful. This is dramatic soundtrack music for a stylistic horror film. Overlaying the music are emotional vocals that sing melodically as well as scream with anger and rage. However, all of the singing is in German. Even though I can't understand a damn word, the lyrics are sung with so much emotion and passion that I can't help but be drawn to them. This is some of the most powerful, emotional, and well done music that I have ever heard before. Each song is extremely catchy, and pulls you into its morbid world.