Album: "Global Badlands"
Label: Black Rain (2002)
Style: Dark EBM
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Upon first listening to this CD I had the feeling that I heard it before. Thatís because the music offered here sounds very similar to many other German EBM bands. Basically, Davantage doesnít deliver anything new or different here. They make the usual dark mid-tempo EBM with deep accented male vocals that has become rather common in Europe.

The songs compiled here have elements of Absurd Minds, Accessory, Angels & Agony, Dark Illumination, Project-X, etc. in them. So itís safe to say that if you like any of those particular bands, you will most likely enjoy Davantage for all of the same reasons.

The songs are created with multi-layered electronic programming, bass beats, dramatic melodies, sampling and thick dreary German accented male vocals. Some tracks are dark and moody while others are more energetic for the dance floor. But overall nothing sounds all that different.

Thereís not a lot of experimenting offered here. This is very structured straight forward dark EBM void of anything unique or fresh. But guess what? I still like it. This is a solid recording from beginning to end not featuring a bad track in the bunch. Davantage arenít jumping on any so called "future pop" trends with this release. They just deliver good quality old fashioned EBM for those of us who still appreciate it.

If youíre a fan of typical European dark EBM with no techno, trance, or synth-pop in it, you will most likely enjoy this Davantage album. It sticks to the basics offering up a tightly packaged group of songs that are enjoyable to listen to. While it wonít blow your socks off, it will give you some well developed EBM that is easy to get into and listen to often.