Album: "Screaming Down The Gravity Well" (1996)
Label: Fifth Column Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

It's about time a band like this came along. This is a heavy guitar driven Cyber-Core band with female vocals. The music is very upbeat, energetic, and aggressive featuring electronics, synths, samples, thrashy guitars, and heavy drum beats. The songs "Needle", "Fucked Up Generation", "Penetrator", "MK Ultra", "Screaming Down The Gravity Well", "Sinister Fetish", and "I, Virus" are all very catchy with a serious and angry edge to them. They are the best songs to be found here. They would be great for the dance floor. "Digital Submission" is the only slow song on the album. "Super Hot Sister 69" and "Elvis Christ: The Resurrection" are two comical songs with jazz funk elements in them. Then there is "First Contact" and "The Razor Girl Machine" which are instrumentals. This album has a lot of variety on it. Every song sounds different from each other. You should give it a try.