Album: "Darkwaters" (2000)
Label: Osiris Soundworks
Style: Melodic electro / Darkwave
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band sounds a lot like Battery. So much in fact that if I heard their music in a club thatís exactly who I would think they were. This is mainly due to the fact that Martha M. Arce has a similar voice and singing style to Maria of Battery.
       The music in the songs offered here feature extremely layered electronic programming, beautiful keyboard melodies, guitar and solid drum beats. It plays at a somewhat medium pace where itís just fast enough to hold your interest. It also features an enchanting and melodic edge to it that could be compared to the music of Delerium.
       As with most bands that create this style of music, thereís a mixture of mellow songs as well as faster paced tracks that could work on the dance floor. Overall this CD mixes EBM with darkwave. So while itís electronic, itís also rather dark and gothic.
       My main complaint here is that most of the songs sound very much alike. Thereís not a lot of variety throughout the CD. Also, this band doesnít really do anything new or different. While listening to this CD I couldnít help but feel that Iíve heard it all before. But I will admit that itís a quality release with a clean sound to it. If you enjoy melodic dark electronic music with female vocals, you will like this album.