Album: "Adrenaline" (1995)
Label: Maverick Recording Company
Style: Punk
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band sounds a lot like Korn. They are a hard-core aggressive punkthrash band with grueling guitar attacks, funky bass lines, slamming drum beats, and vocals that sing relaxed and scream in rage. This singer actually sings with harmony and then just screams like a raving mad lunatic. The vocals are slightly distorted, and are the only industrial influence on the album. But this is very aggressive music that is fast paced and extremely pissed off. The combination of mellow moments mixed in with pure terror noise is quite emotional. Some songs stand out more than others. My favorite songs are "Bored", "Nosebleed", "Root", "7 Words", and "Engine No. 9". These five songs just flat out rock with extremely catchy rhythms and beats. The other five songs are very good as well. But they don't stand out quite as much. If you mixed Rage Against The Machine with Korn, Deftones would be the end result. They mix some hip-hop elements, but this is pure punk for the most part. If you like hard-core thrashy aggressive music, you will like this album.