Album: "Yeah, I Killed My Mama" (1999)
Label: LabelName
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 20


Reviewed by: Darklight

This German electro industrial act definitely know the meaning of variety. There's so much diversity on this CD that it's hard to imagine everything here being done by the same band. The first unique aspect of this CD are the "slices" included before each actual song. Slices are short experimental pieces with dark ambient music and samples. They blend well with the songs and never seem out of place. They're basically used to give the listener a short break after each song since the songs tend to be quite energetic. The songs delivered here range from EBM with clean vocals to heavy and aggressive electro industrial with guitar and distorted vocals. Electronic rhythms and beats are layered over melodic synth melodies. There are a lot of changes within the songs that keep them interesting from start to finish. The vocals sing, shout and growl with slight distortion. There are a lot of different sounds to be heard in the music including futuristic sci-fi effects and drum & bass beats. There's a lot to be enjoyed here. But the problem that I have is that the CD is kind of all over the place. Different styles come and go so often that it can get confusing. Also, the slices included with the actual songs make for a really long listen from start to finish. A CD of this length can be a bit too much to sit through very often. While everything here is electro industrial/EBM for the most part, there are a lot of alternative and heavy rock influences as well. While this CD is top notch in quality and features a lot of different styles of music to be enjoyed, I don't think that it's for everyone. If you want a long CD with several blends of industrial music on it, this CD is a good choice.