Album: "Caught Within" (2000)
Label: n/a
Style: Dark Electro
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

Detraction is the solo dark electro-industrial project of Doug Seldeen. The five songs included on this EP all stick to the same formula of dark and moody electro music that plays along at a rather dreary mid-tempo pace.

The electronic programming is well layered with various sounds and constant drum beats. The orchestrated background melodies are haunting. Dougís vocals are slightly distorted and basically talk out the lyrics with a slight angry growl.

The problem that I have with this project is that Doug basically does nothing new or different that hasnít already been done before. Also, there are several other bands out there making similar music that is better than this. These songs just arenít that creative or interesting.

The five songs here all basically sound the same. Doug doesnít really mix it up a lot here. He simply sticks to one particular sound not giving enough variety or diversity to his music.

This music could almost be classified as darkwave due to its electro goth sound, but it doesnít really feature the usual haunting beauty of darkwave. It is instead rather harsh and cold fitting more into the industrial realm of music.

Doug does indeed show promise on this CD. But he needs to experiment more with different ideas. I also feel that he needs to get a little more energetic and aggressive with his sound as currently itís rather dull.

This CD is a good overall release that will please fans of dark and dreary electro-industrial and darkwave music. But I am hoping for a more creative and interesting sound from this artist in the future.