Album: self-titled (1996)
Label: Re-Constriction Records
Style: Electro Rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is an alternative rock album with slight touches of electronics used for some sound effects in the background. The guitars are heavy, the bass funky, the drums harsh, and the singing clean without distortion. Also, a lot of the lyrics are very basic. You just don't hear such lines as "riding in the back of my best friend's car" in industrial music. So if you stripped this band of the electronic sound effects they would be your typical generic MTV buzz clip alternative band. Actually, they still are even with the electronics. This band reminds me a lot of Candlebox. But they share some Final Cut elements as well. Some songs rock while others are more mellow. I guess a band such as this one wouldn't be complete without a few balads. I feel that this band produces more of a mainstream sound compared to other popular commercial industrial bands such as Gravity Kills, Machines Of Loving Grace, Nine Inch Nails, and Stabbing Westward. This isn't a bad album. But it's not an industrial album, either. If you like alternative music then you will probably enjoy this album. It's better than most.