Album: "Countercheck" (1997)
Label: Hypnobeat
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Digital Factor is a European electro industrial band that make songs with a dance energy created with electronic rhythms and beats, orchestrated synth melodies, repetitive drum programming, samples and distorted growling accented male vocals. They get more aggressive at times as well and include sampled guitar. While I enjoy this style of music a lot, I am starting to grow tired of it all sounding the same. Maybe I listen to too much of it. But in my opinion Digital Factor doesn't seem to bring anything new to this genre of music. While everything here is good, it doesn't stand out. Nothing grabs me as being amazing, unique, or original at all. These tracks are your typical run of the mill electro industrial songs that you have heard many times already. They don't have their own sound or diverse edge. On top of this, there are three instrumentals. Having instrumentals here just makes this album seem even more generic because it seems as if EVERY electro industrial album out there makes it a rule to include instrumentals. But after all is said and done, This is a good European electro industrial album without a bad track to be found. Well, other than the three instrumentals that is. Just don't expect to hear anything different or new here. This is standard cookie cutter electro industrial music that offers nothing out of the ordinary. If you want more of the same, here you go.