Album: “Escape To Reality” (2000)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Din Fiv is the solo dark electro-industrial project of Da5id Din. He’s best known for his work with the band Informatik. So it comes as no surprise that Din Fiv sounds a lot like Informatik. However, I do like the music of this project more because it’s darker with less techno influences.
       There are no surprises on this CD. Everything here is pretty standard dark EBM with the trademark dreary beats, haunting synths, voice samples and distorted growling vocals. It might lack originality, but it excels in delivering solid and well constructed songs with driving rhythms and beats, nicely composed orchestrated melodies and passionate vocals with well written lyrics.
       There are elements of Decoded Feedback, Funker Vogt, Informatik, Leaether Strip and Velvet Acid Christ in these songs. So it’s safe to say that if you like any of those bands, you will also like Din Fiv. While the songs all fit the formula of dark and angry electro-industrial music, they each manage to sound unique enough to allow them to stand out as well. There are a lot of interesting and creative things to hear in these songs, and that’s what makes them so entertaining to listen to.
       The only real flaw found here is with the song “Escape”. It’s an extremely slow and boring dark ambient instrumental. It’s well composed, but out of place as track five. It would have been a lot better as the ending track due to its melodic sound. But it’s not too long, so you most likely won’t mind sitting through it.
       Another slight problem with this CD is the fact that there are only eight original songs. Track nine “We Are (Deathguild Remix By Battery)” is a remix of track two “We Are”. But fortunately it sounds almost nothing like the original version, so it’s like an entirely different track. Track ten “Terminal Condition (Guilt Central Station Remix by AEC)” is a remix of the song “Terminal Condition” from Din Fiv’s debut CD. But unless you have Din Fiv’s first album, this track will be new to you. I would have liked more original tracks not including the remixes, because remixes should always be included as bonus tracks in my personal opinion. But when all is said and done; this is a great dark electro-industrial CD that should not be missed by those who enjoy this genre of music.