Album: self-titled (1994)
Label: Capitol Records
Style: Electro rock
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band is different. They are an energetic and hyper alternative rock band that mixes fast paced techno rhythms and beats into their music. The singing is a bit high pitched and clean without any distortion. The guitars and drums are live and up front. The electronics and synths are more in the background, but can still be heard. This band is not dark at all. They have an almost comical feel to them. They are very upbeat and want to make you get up and move. There is a lot of variety on this album. There are songs that play at a frantic and somewhat aggressive pace for the club scene. There are also some slightly toned down songs where synths are the primary instrument. There are even a couple of funky hip-hop style songs that definitely have a comical side to them. Each of the songs found here are rather short only reaching about three minutes. This makes the album go by fairly fast. Also, I only like seven of the eleven songs. They are "3 Big Bags", "Running Red", "Green Mind", "Water", "Angels", "The Heroin Song", and "Dirt". The other four songs found here I could care less about. They almost seem like filler. They just don't really belong here. This is a decent album for the most part. But it just doesn't deliver enough quality songs. I hope this band goes for a more serious and aggressive sound with their next album, and leaves the weird funky hip-hop crap behind.