Album: self-titled
Label: n/a
Style: Electro-industrial / Coldwave
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

I've heard a lot of bands over the years that have sounded like Nine Inch Nails (NIN), but none have sounded as much like NIN as this Dismal CD does. If this CD was professionally produced with a bigger budget and an overall higher quality, I would think that it was indeed a NIN CD. The singer of this band has a similar voice and singing style to that of Trent Reznor. However, he doesn't quite hit the mark. He struggles to carry a tune at times and does sound rather amateurish as if he could use a little more practice. He's not bad and does show promise, but could definitely use some improvement. The music is mid-tempo with a minimalistic edge. The electronic programming is a bit sparse with repetitive sounds, distorted guitar and drum beats. Every song plays at a rather slow pace similar to the songs on NIN's "The Fragile" CD. Nothing ever gets too energetic or exciting. Also, the vocals are mixed into the music too loudly where they cover it up. The bottom line is that the music of Dismal is cookie-cutter industrial in the tradition of NIN. If you're a huge fan of NIN, and bands that sound like NIN, you will probably like this Dismal CD despite its amateur sound. But if you're tired of the whole NIN sound, you should probably stay away from this.