Album: "Post Nuclear"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: Industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

I liked the debut Dismantled release as it offered good solid electro-industrial with distorted vocals. It didn't really stand out as anything new or different, but it was still quite enjoyable nonetheless. I basically expected more of the same from this follow-up, but it's not the same at all. This Post Nuclear CD sounds almost nothing like the first Dismantled release.

Gary Zon, the man behind Dismantled, has matured and advanced as a music developer and singer. The first big noticeable change on this CD is that Gary rarely distorts his voice. Almost all of his singing on this recording is...well...singing. In the past he basically growled out words with added distortion, but now he actually sings with slight harmony, with his clear and untreated voice being heard. And since he has a good deep voice, and can sing well, this is a good thing. There are still occasions in some of the songs where he shouts out the lyrics with distorted anger, but not too often.

The music on this release also stands out more than it did on the previous Dismantled release. There's a lot of tempo changes and mood varieties in each of the songs offering diversity throughout. The electronic programming is energetic, the beats are heavy and the melodies are dramatic. Everything is layered and textured extremely well offering a full and complete sound. I especially like how some of the songs throw a lot of twists and turns at the listener by being angry and aggressive one minute, and calm and mellow the next. Gary does a splendid job of growling with distorted anger during the harsh moments, and singing with harmony during the melodic ones.

There's electro-industrial, dark EBM and even a dash of synth-pop at times. Some tracks even have crossover appeal with a slight industrial rock sound, minus the guitars. Overall, this CD reminds me of Imperative Reaction's Ruined release. It has a similar vibe to it with some of the songs offering a slightly Amercian industrial rock sound without guitars.

Most of the songs are rather energetic and aggressive perfect for the dance floor. But there's a few slow, cold and somber dark ballads with moody atmospheres and haunting melodies complimented by Gary's emotional vocal delivery. These tracks especially sound different from past Dismantled songs.

Basically, this CD sounds almost nothing like the previous Dismantled recording. Gary has really improved as a singer/songwriter, and shows a lot of maturity on this CD. He does a great job of creating interesting dark electronic music with emotionally charged vocals.


Album: self-titled
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

I was first introduced to the music of Dismantled through a demo. I liked what I heard, and felt Dismantled should have no problem being signed to a label. And it wasnít much longer after this that I heard Metropolis Records had signed the project. This nine track self-titled release is the debut for the act.

Dismantled is the solo project of Gary Zon. He credits his biggest influence to be Front Line Assembly. And while some FLA elements can be heard in his music, Dismantled is far from just a FLA clone.

The music presented here is pure dark and aggressive electro-industrial in its truest form. Noisy and chaotic malfunctioning electronics go haywire as bass beats blast in every direction over dark dramatic disturbing melodies. Gary growls out his lyrics in a traditional distorted manner that fits well with the somewhat experimental music. Basically, the music of Dismantled is old school electro-industrial in the tradition of early Evilís Toy, Front Line Assembly, Leaether Strip, Velvet Acid Christ and :wumpscut:. But Gary manages to add in modern touches to his songs to make his music sound current.

While some tracks are energetic and catchy enough to be club hits, the overall feel of the album is mid-tempo offering more mood and less upbeat make-you-move sounds. I find this album to be better suited for personal enjoyment in a car, at home, or with headphones. This is due to the fact that Gary makes his music very full, layered and textured with a multitude of various programming sounds, effects, samples and beats. Thereís a lot happening within the songs that require repeated listens and attention to hear.

At a time when so-called "future pop" seems to be all the rage, itís nice to have albums such as this Dismantled release that stick to the old way of doing things which includes anger and aggression combined with noise, chaos and distorted vocals. If you like old school dark electro-industrial music, this CD is for you.


Album: "Demo Variation"
Label: n/a
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

This six song demo offers some great dark and aggressive electro-industrial music. Energetic electronic programming, frantic beats and haunting melodies are joined by distorted male vocals. Itís a formula that has been done before, but Dismantled does it just as good as the big names out there.

The rhythms and beats in these songs grab you instantly and pull you in. There is a lot happening here with a constant onslaught of interesting and exciting sounds and melodies. The songs are structured well with a lot of catchy hooks and choruses. Some tracks are angry and aggressive while others are a little more futuristic sci-fi with an EBM vibe. Each track is just as good as the next, and all offer a good amount of variety.

This band needs to be signed to a label so that they can release a full-length CD.