Album: "Blinding Sun"
Label: n/a (2002)
Style: Industrial Rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Distant Sun is the solo industrial rock project of Kris Sun. This is his second self released CD, and itís a big improvement over his debut. His first release was mainly an instrumental album with only one track including vocals. But this CD offers vocals on most of the tracks. Unfortunately, while the vocals are indeed good, they donít really fit with this music.

The music here is fast paced hard and heavy guitar thrashing rock first and foremost with some noisy electronic programming and beats filling in the gaps. Basically, the guitars drown out the electronic music making this sound more like a rock band and less like an electronic one. And this is fine if thatís the intention of Kris. But where trouble comes into paradise is when Krisí light synth-pop style vocals are blended in with the heavy rock music. The two do not go together very well making for an unbalanced sound. Either Kris needs to tone down on the guitars and make more electronic/synth based music, or start singing more loud and aggressive.

Kris is obviously a talented musician and singer. Each and every song here proves that. But light melodic synth-pop vocals do not blend with heavy industrial rock music. The one song here that the vocals and music work together is "I Am". Kris sings and shouts deeper and heavier on this song and it really works. And while even on the other tracks his vocals donít sound completely out of place, they just donít seem to mix as well as they should.

The bottom line is that if Kris wants to continue making hard and heavy guitar thrashing industrial rock music, heís going to have to sing more suitable for it. If he wants to continue singing the way he does on this album, he needs to relax the music a bit and make it less heavy and distorted.


Album: self-titled
Label: n/a (2000)
Style: Heavy Rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Distant Sun makes heavy and aggressive dark rock music mainly created with guitars, bass and drums with some electronic sounds in the mix as well.

What comes as a surprise is that the first song is the only song with vocals. All of the rest of the tracks here are strictly instrumentals. And frankly these songs just donít work without vocals. While I like some electronic instrumental music, I personally donít feel that hard and heavy guitar driven rock/metal music such as this works without the addition of vocals.

The music for the most part is good, and fans of heavy rock music that just want instrumentals lacking singing should be pleased with it.