Album: "The Fine Line Between Love And Hate"
Label: Nilaihah Records (2003)
Style: EBM/electro-pop
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

Distorted Reality is the EBM/electro-pop duo of Martha M. Arce and Christian Kobusch. This full-length debut for the band is a collection of demo tracks, new songs and remixes. The sound presented here is very similar to their label mates The Azoic. Basically, this is energetic electronic music with female vocals. There's still not a lot of EBM bands with strictly female singers, so it's a rare treat when a band like Distorted Reality comes along.

This CD does an excellent job of offering a lot of variety. There's upbeat club hits as well as dark melodic songs. The electronic programming is nicely layered with a lot happening in it. There's various electro sounds everywhere along with heavy bass beats and beautiful melodies. Martha has a seductive voice and sings extremely well with a lot of range.

One of my only complaints with this CD is that there's too many remixes. Seven to be exact. While I like a couple of remixes at the end of an album as bonus tracks, I don't like when they take up half the album like they do here. Also, the remixes on this CD are scattered everywhere. While the remixes are good, I don't like to hear the same song I just listened to a couple of tracks back over again so soon even if it's a remix. But this is a minor gripe since every song delivered on this CD is great.

As much as I enjoy this CD, a lot of the songs were also on their demo. So I look forward to their next full-length release that will contain all new songs, and hopefully less remixes.


Album: self-titled
Label: n/a
Style: EBM/electro-pop
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band features the vocals of Martha M. Arce. She’s also the singer for the band Deep Red. I feel that her singing is stronger on this project. But that could be because the music on this CD is more energetic with a dance edge to it.

The music delivered here could be described as an EBM/techno-pop/electronica hybrid. The electronic programming is fast paced and delivers solid rhythms and beats with a drum & bass edge. There are slower and more melodic moments as well that do sound a lot like the music of Deep Red. But for the most part the music here is beat heavy with good energy. There’s even heavy guitar added at times to give the songs a harsher side.

Each of the five songs here sound quite different from each other. They all offer their own unique vibe. I personally feel that this band is a lot better than Deep Red, and should probably be Martha’s main musical focus.

I feel that a label needs to pick up this project because they’re a very quality electronic band that should have their music heard by a large listening audience.