Album: "The Sickness" (2000)
Label: Giant Records
Style: Heavy Rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Disturbed is one of the better new heavy rock bands to hit the scene. While they make traditional hard and heavy rock music, they bring in a lot of their own unique elements that allow them to stand out of the pack. Basically, when you hear a Disturbed song you know its them and not some other band. They have their own sound and that's what makes them so good. Disturbed rocks, and they rock hard. They make angry and aggressive music that knocks your ass to the ground and doesn't let you back up again. Each song here is its own entity. There are no two that sound alike. While the music here is good, it's the singer that helps give this band their edge. He's great at changing the way that he sings on each song. Sometimes he blurts out lyrics like a raving mad lunatic, while other times he actually sings with harmony. His vocals change so much from song to song that it sounds like there's more than one singer. I guess what I like most about this band is that they're not afraid to mix it up. The songs just don't start one way and end the same. There is always something new being thrown at you. While the music is made up of heavy thrashy guitar riffs, deep bass lines and driving drum beats, there's electronics in the mix as well. While there's not as much as I would like, there's still enough to add a little more to the music that just wouldn't be there without them. The only problem that I have with this CD is that not every song is superb. While most of them are, there are a few that just don't quite measure up. They include: "Numb", "Want", "Conflict" and "Droppin' Plates". They are still listenable, but do bring down the flow of the CD a bit. "Numb" and "Want" are rather typical sounding heavy rock songs that sound too structured. "Conflict" is basic and repetitive with the same music and vocals repeated from start to finish. And "Droppin' Plates" sounds almost like a metal/rap song with trite lyrics and a drab chorus. While these four songs aren't bad, they're just not that good when compared to the rest of the album. My favorite tracks include: "Voices", "The Game", "Stupify", "Violence Fetish", "Fear", "Shout 2000" and "Meaning Of Life". "Shout 2000" is a great heavy rock cover of the Tears For Fears classic. Basically this Disturbed CD shouldn't be missed by anyone who enjoys heavy rock music.