Album: "Frozen Charlotte" (1998)
Label: Refuge Records
Style: Techno rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Dollshead is a commercial sounding alternative techno rock band with female vocals. They remind me a lot of Garbage. Most of the songs delivered here have a radio friendly "pop" vibe. There are also a few acid jazz style tracks as well. The overall feel of the album is a bit cold with a serious mood. There's a lot of melody and emotion combined with some energetic rhythms and beats. The songs are multi-layered with guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and programming. The album has quite a lot of variety included due to everything playing at different paces. There are moody melodic softer more romantic tracks, energetic tracks and funky jazz/blues tracks as well. So the band manages to sound rather unique. Everything is quite good here, but still has too much of a mainstream sound to it. The songs are structured verse, chorus, verse alternative rock with drum and bass style electronics in the background. Sierra Swan, the singer of the band, has a lovely voice. She sings both beautifully and powerful with a lot of range. I feel that the best material here is the dark and cold songs. They seem more personal and less manufactured. I actually feel that the upbeat pop tracks and the acid jazz tracks are out of place. They ruin the mood of the album a bit. They do allow for variety to please a wider audience, but that also makes the album a little difficult to enjoy from start to finish due to having to skip past several of the songs to get to the good ones. The bottom line is that if you like serious and moody alternative rock music with female vocals and slight electronics, you will enjoy this album.