Album: self-titled (1997)
Label: Beggars Banquet
Style: Goth
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album has a lot of variety on it. No two songs sound alike. The first song "Night Of Nights" is slow, cold, dreary and dark created mainly with acoustic guitar and bass. The vocals sound almost sad and sing rather straight forward. Song two "Shit Tainted Shades" livens things up with energy and a completely different sound. Drum beats are the most dominant instrument here while acoustic guitars can be heard strumming in the background. High pitched distorted vocals that seem to talk more than sing are placed into the fairly frantic paced music. Song three "Pissboy" has kind of a retro rock sound to it with guitars, piano and drum beats. The music plays at different speeds and the singing follows right along with it. Song four "Because You Wanted It" takes a more serious approach. It's dark with a medium pace to it. It's constructed with guitar, bass, drums, bells and various other sounds that give it a melodic and moody feel. It's a rather beautiful song with a catchy chorus. Song five "Filth Dealer" begins with feeback noise, guitar string experimentation, bass and drums. The vocals are slightly distorted. The song picks up and rocks during its course and then slows down again while female vocals join in to give it even more of an edge. Song six "Mama" is the weirdest track to be found here. It begins with guitar string strumming, bass, symbols and snare drums while a distorted voice mumbles words over it all. There is a rather haunting feel to this track. Song seven "Porno Paradiso" has a romantic spanish feel to it with acoustic guitar, bass, organ and soft sung melodic vocals. It plays at a very slow and mellow pace. It has a very soothing feel to it. It's an enjoyable listen. Song eight "Situation Desperate" picks things up once again with energy. It plays at a fairly fast pace with heavy guitar, bass, drums, bells and frantic singing. This is one of the more rocking songs to be found here. It gets really wild toward the end. Song nine "Perfect Piece Of Trash" keeps the same fast and furious pace. It's a noisy track with instruments and singing going all over the place in a wild style. Song ten "Vague" brings things to a crawl again with bass guitar, snare drums and piano making up the music while sad and depressed vocals sing slowly over it. Song eleven "If I Die I Die" is medium paced with acoustic guitar, heavy drum beats and standard singing. Song twelve "'Til The End Of The World" ends the album. It's slow paced, beautiful and soothing with acoustic guitar, bass, organ and bells. The singing is very melodic and relaxing. This is a great song to end this rather unique album with. If you're looking for something different in the goth realm, this would be a good choice.