Album: "Reactions" (1998)
Label: Tone Casualties
Style: Ambient Experimental electro
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band delivers ambient/experimental/tribal electronic music with beautiful melodies combined with hard hitting rhythms and beats. While the occasional female spoken word, sample, or chanting is included, these songs are instrumentals for the most part. Some songs come off more energetic like drum and bass style techno, while others are much darker and more dramatic with an orchestrated edge. I like how the band manages to layer everything in their music to really make it interesting to listen to. Most experimental acts simply make annoying sound effects that just go off in different directions. But Drumatic actually includes structure to their music that holds it together, but still deliver enough twists and turns to take the listener on a creative journey. Fans of bands such as DEAD CAN DANCE, DELERIUM and ENIGMA will especially enjoy what this album has to offer. At times the material here is slightly rougher than what those acts produce, but there's still that ambient beauty present here that those bands also create. Four of the tracks delivered here are studio recordings, while the other seven are live. But everything is very polished and well produced. Fans of ambient experimental electronic music will definitely want to add this album to their collection.