Album: "Come With Me..." (2001)
Label: Matrix Cube
Style: EBM / Darkwave
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Dust Of Basement are a dark EBM act that feature both deep angry male vocals and clean beautiful female vocals. They blend beauty with darkness perfectly, and their well layered energetic electro rhythms and beats finish off the entire package.

While this band is very similar in style to L’ame Immortelle, they do offer their own unique edge as well. This act is more upbeat sounding like EBM and electro-pop.

What I’m pleased about with this latest release is the fact that the male vocals are now untreated and sing with much more melody than they did in the past.

The songs offered here are clean and polished presenting a nice modern sound. While the background melodies are soft and soothing, the upfront electronic programming and beats are quite energetic allowing for just about every song here to be a club hit.

The five remixes included at the end of the CD are great as well. It helps that the first three are from previous releases. The last two are for songs on this album. But I appreciate the fact that the band saved them for last as they are not too close to the original versions.

My biggest gripe with this release is lack of new material. There are only nine new songs, one of which is a remake of their classic “Words Of God” and another which is an instrumental.

The bottom line is that I can’t deny the fact that this is a quality package offering just about every side of The Dust Of Basement. You get brand new songs, a remake of an old classic, a live track (which is excellent) and remixes all combined on one album.

Album: "Remembrances" (1996)
Label: Khazad-Dum
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band reminds me of a darker and more gothic version of Cat Rapes Dog. The songs delivered here are medium paced and melodic with a very moody and haunthing feel to them. The singing on each song is a combination of both beautiful female vocals and distorted growling male vocals. This reminded me a lot of early Cradle Of Thorns material. The music itself is very electronic combined with synth harmonies that are incredible. Some songs are rather energetic and could work great on the dance floor, while others are more aimed at a dark and moody atmosphere. My main complaint is that out of the twelve songs there are two instrumentals and two remixes only leaving eight original songs with vocals. The instrumentals are okay, but would have been even better with singing included. The remixes are decent as well, but don't sound too much different from the original versions. Also, all of the songs do tend to sound very similar to each other. There isn't a lot of things that make one song stand out more than another. Don't get me wrong though, this is still a very high quality and impressive album. It's just that a little more variety would have made it even better.