Album: "Grave Disorder"
Label: Nitro Records (2001)
Style: Goth Punk
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

I have to give credit to an underground punk band such as The Damned that started in 1977 and are still going strong now releasing new material that is just as entertaining as it ever was. This album offers upbeat punk-pop music with a goth rock edge. Guitars, bass and drums are the main focus here as deep male vocals sing the lyrics smoothly along with it.

The songs are somewhat playful and campy, not to be taken too seriously. This band is all about dishing out music that would be perfect for clubs and parties. Everything here is rather energetic and fast paced with a lot of catchy hooks. There are movie samples and haunting keyboard melodies in the mix from time to time as well giving the music more layers of interesting elements.

The songs do a good job of standing apart offering something different from track to track. Some of the songs remind me of classic punk anthems done by bands such as T.S.O.L.. Since I grew up listening to this style of music, itís nice to hear this for nostalgic purposes. This is just fun entertaining music that almost anyone who likes rock music of some shape or form would enjoy. The slightly darker edge gives it a nice goth rock vibe that allows it to retain an underground sound.

If you have an interest whatsoever in dark punk-pop music, then this album by legendary artist The Damned canít be missed.