Album: self-titled (1996)
Label: Hollows Hill
Style: Experimental goth
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album opens with "Misericord" which is a rather odd instrumental that has a middle Eastern vibe to it. It's constructed with bass guitar,keyboard, drum beats, and samples. It's kind of messy and all over theplace. The next song "The Cannibal Banquets" is a bit more dark and ambient with a male and female spoken word. It basically just drags along at a repetitive and boring pace. The third song "Alligator Pears" sounds exaclty the same. It's a dark and dreary ambient spoken word track that drags along, and is rather annoying. The fourth song "The Respectable Gentleman" is an extremely messy and noisy instrumental track with a middle Eastern vibe and samples scattered all throughout. The fifth song "A Brummal Hare" is more of the same. It's just a noisy, scratchy, and messy instrumental with different sounds just scattered everywhere. The sixth song "Sabbath" lasts for a total of 42 seconds, and is basically just the sound of water. The seventh song "Jackal" is a rather funky slow moving and dreary ambient track with a male spoken word that is distorted. The eighth track "Sansons Seraglio" is basically just a dark piano instrumental with light female chanting in the background. The ninth song "Ne Me Quitt Pas" is a dark and dreary ambient track that is noisy and has male and female chanting. The tenth song which is not listed on the back of the album is an exteremly dark, dreary, and mellow ambient French spoken word I believe. This album features very experimental and artistic music. But I personally don't see the appeal of it at all.