Album: "Compuphonic" (2001)
Label: A Different Drum
Style: Electro Pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Echo Image is a new electro-pop act from Norway. While the CD cover of the band members makes them out to look like an alternative rock band similar to Weezer, they are definitely pure electro.

This album mixes both upbeat energetic electro-pop songs for the clubfloor, as well as more relaxed ballads.

The problem with this overall disc is that sometimes the songs sound serious leaning toward EBM, while at others they sound like sappy cheesy commercial pop. This band could be the next Icon Of Coil if they wanted to be. But unfortunately they are trying to appeal to a larger listening audience. And that is what hurts them in the end.

The music here is constructed with a variety of textured techno electro sounds, bass beats, beautiful synth melodies and clean, somewhat high pitched, male vocals. On occasion nice female vocals join in as well.

I admit that this is a talented band that makes quality music. They have a lot going for them in terms of skill and style. But now I feel they need to focus their energy more on their energetic and aggressive dance sound and less on their happy cheerful pop sound.