Album: "Entfesselt"
Label: Off BEat (1998)
Style: EBM
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

ECO is the solo EBM project of Heiko Daniel. He also collaborates with Sevren Ni-Arb of X Marks The Pedwalk on the PAX project. Sevren Ni-Arb produced this album, so there are some XMTP sounds present here.

Five songs have German names ("Ich Will Dich", "Entfesselt", "Grossenwahn", "Rosarot", "Abgehoben") and five have English names ("Omega", "Out There", "My World", "Girl", "Follow Me"). So I just assumed that there were five songs with German lyrics and five with English lyrics. WRONG! Four of the five songs with English names are instrumentals and one has German lyrics. So all of the lyrics are in German. And since I donít understand German, this is a bit annoying.

As for the music offered here, itís decent. Itís somewhat energetic with a techno kick and heavy bass beats over soothing melodies. Most of the songs could be considered dance tracks, but thereís a minimalist sound as well making the music seem like itís lacking enough layering and texturing. Basically, thereís not a lot happening within it. Itís fairly straight forward with driving beats moving it along.

The vocals are somewhat deep and accented singing the German lyrics clean and clear. But the singing style is more of a fast paced spoken manner as opposed to singing with melody. There are occasions when female vocals join in as well, but theyíre not included as much as I would like.

This overall CD has an upbeat playful vibe to it. It sounds like popular club music as opposed to music you would hear in an underground gothic club. There are a lot of funky elements included in many of the songs. Most of the songs are rather catchy as well making them fun to listen to.

While this isnít a bad CD, itís just not that exciting, either. If you enjoy upbeat EBM with all German lyrics, then you will probably like this CD. But if you like your EBM dark and serious, this isnít for you.