Album: "Eisbrecher"
Label: Dancing Ferret Discs (2004)
Style: Heavy industrial
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

Eisbrecher is one of the best new heavy industrial bands I've heard in a while. They take the best elements of bands like Laibach and Rammstein and combine them with their own unique ideas to create extremely infectious songs.

Their music consists of finely crafted electronic programming, heavy beats, powerful melodies, guitar and deep thick German accented male vocals.

The energy and power in each of the songs is amazing. This band definitely knows how to constrcut emotionally charged songs with extremely catchy elements.

This album includes sixteen full-length songs. Usually when an album offers a lot of songs, a few end up sounding average. However, that's not the case here. Each and every song stands out as a hit. I look forward to hearing each one equally as much.

This is the type of music that sounds best extremely loud. It's dark, dramtic and powerful. The choruses in the songs are addicting, and even though I don't understand German, I sing along the best I can anyway. All of the lyrics are German, and I don't mind since the words are spoken with such intense emotion that I don't need to know what's being said to feel them.

This is a rather heavy and aggressive album. The music could best be described as a more electronic version of Rammstein. While there's guitar in the songs, it doesn't take over the electronics. This is not a heavy metal band with the slight addition of electronic programming, it's an electronic band with the slight addition of guitar.

There's really nothing that could make this album any better. Everything I could ask for from this genre of music is here. If you like heavy and aggressive German industrial music, this album can't be missed.