Album: "The Electro-Breakbeat Sounds of Electrostatic" (1999)
Label: n/a
Style: Techno/trance/house/pop
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Electrostatic makes very bass beat heavy techno/trance/house music that combines floor stomping energy with melodic synthscapes. While there are a few instrumentals here that are good, itís the majority of tracks that feature the enchanting vocals of Kaoru that stand out the most. Itís these songs that have an upbeat electro-pop sound that blend occasional aggression with the addition of chugging guitar riffs at times.

The electronic programming/sequencing/sampling is all delivered extremely well making for some rather fun and energized dance music. While a lot of the tracks feature a more mainstream friendly funk feel to them, things get dark from time to time as well. While I do enjoy both styles, I tend to like the darker moods a little more.

This band incorporates enough different genres into its music to allow it to be appealing to all electronic music fans. This CD isnít just for ravers. People who enjoy EBM and synth-pop would probably enjoy it as well. Itís similar to the latest Delerium offering, but a little more techno and less tribal.

My only complaint with this disc is that all of the songs tend to sound the same. I feel that the band could fix this by incorporating Kaoruís singing with the more heavy clubfloor fillers and have her sing a bit more energetic and aggressive.

The bottom line is that this is a very quality band that should have no problem finding a record deal.