Album: "Artificial Hell" (1997)
Label: NonHuman Muzik, Inc.
Style: Industrial metal
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

Take heavy guitars, bass, slamming drums and mix in some electronic sounds and noises with distorted muffled male screaming vocals and you basically get what is delivered here. This is your basic angry and aggressive hard thrashing metal music with slight touches of electronics and noises to give the sound a heavy industrial edge. The problem with the songs here is that they are all fairly straight forward without a lot of variety to them. The music is so loud and noisy that it drowns out the vocals. This is a shame because the songs do contain some rather well written lyrics. I especially like the lyrics in the song "Clones". Things are a bit more interesting when acoustic guitar comes into play, but this just doesn't happen enough here. This CD isn't bad, it's just nothing new or different. The band does show that they do indeed have musical skill, now they just need to put it to better use. They need to ditch the distortion and clean up their sound a lot more. The vocals need to be untreated and brought forward so the music doesn't overpower them. The music needs to include a little more variety. Greater uses of electronics and some synth melodies would help out a lot. Right now this band will only appeal to those who enjoy extremely distorted heavy and aggressive guitar thrashing industrial metal music.