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Album: "Break The Silence"
Label: Moss Productions (2003)
Style: Industrial Rock Rap
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Encounter Box is the industrial rock rap hybrid act of Dominick Llama and Digital T. This "Break The Silence" CD is a much stronger effort than their debut album. Everything has improved here including the song structures, music diversity, vocals and overall production.

The music here is a cocktail of different styles including rap, rock, industrial and electro. The electronic programming/sampling is chaotic, the bass beats heavy, the guitars thrashy and the vocals are a mix between deep word blurting and high toned singing. Everything is mixed together well delivering a lot of variety in each song.

The songs range from dark and serious to upbeat and catchy. Being the dark individual that I am, I prefer the darker more aggressive songs here. I especially like "Dirty Playback", "Unitentional Destruction", "Methane Merengue" and "Mental Assault".

There's a lot of diversity on this album. No two songs really sound alike, but they all manage to stick to a similar style throughout. Unfortunately, each of them are a little on the short side. I would have preferred that they were a few minutes longer.

This album will mostly appeal to fans of coldwave and nu metal music similar to Acumen Nation, 16 Volt, SMP, Korn, (hed) PE, etc. There is crossover appeal here, and I could see Encounter Box becoming a big name in commercial music if they got the right exposure.

As much as I like this CD, there is still room for improvement. I would like to see the band go even darker, heavier and more aggressive with greater use of electronic programming and moody melodies in the future.


Album: "Broken Thought Process"
Label: Moss Productions (2001)
Style: Electro-rap
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is an electro-rap band that show some creativity here, but are brought down by an amateur sound. Basically, the music is rather simple with sparse repetitive electro sounds, bass beats and sampling while male vocals speak the lyrics in a rap style over it.

There is an overall muddy muffled sound to the recording that hurts it. The music is slow to mid-tempo never really moving fast enough to get exciting. The fact that everything sounds so empty is another problem.

I think that with a little more practice and a bigger budget this two man band could put out some quality music. But right now this album just isnít good enough to recommend.