Interview with
Dominick Llama and Digital T of Encounter Box

conducted via E-Mail by Darklight on August 9, 2004


When, where and how did Encounter Box get started?

Llama: We got together in the middle of a harsh New York winter in 1999 and our first disc was released in 2000...Encounter Box got started after Digital T and I left our former band Corrosive 8 due to pure frustration and motivational problems with the other members. Being the 2 strongest creative forces in that band we decided to put it to good use in Encounter Box and things have been going pretty good ever since.

Were you in any bands before Encounter Box?

Digital T: Like Llama said, we were in Corrosive 8 together for a couple of years. I was also DJ'ing for a while in a bunch of sleazy underground grottos around New York City. Also peddled my wares in various other projects throughout the years, but nothing to really write home about...until now.

How would you describe the music of Encounter Box?

Digital T: An all out assault on your ears, mind and soul! We don't have any one particular style that we stick to. One thing you can always count on is some very heavy bass! We have very vast musical backgrounds and we try to express that in what we do, why would you want to stick to one style? That gets boring...we want you to guess what we are gonna do next.

Llama: Addicting! I think our stuff can be listened to by any open minded music fan. It's dark, sarcastic and caustic...It's an attention getter! You can dance to it, bang your head to it, puff some herb to it, and have filthy sex to it, just be sure to clean up afterwards...

What influences your lyrics and music?

Digital T: Conscious Thinking...And seeing how the world is being destroyed by certain individuals...

Llama: Life is a big influence, people, places and things all trigger my attitude and I have to express it before i go ballistic...We put it all into the music! Just about anything can bring out an idea for a song. We try to keep it smart and put a message behind what we are saying and doing.

There are elements of rap, rock and industrial in your music. Are you fans of a lot of different music genres?

Llama: You noticed all that in there?? Hahaha...Absolutely! I myself listen to almost everything...80's Metal, Old School Hip Hop, Industrial, New Wave...Music is fun, it's an art and it's all appealing in some way or another.

Digital T: Yeah...what Llama said...I love every style...even Johnny Cash the man in black, that's one tuff mother fucker!

Your music has crossover appeal, do you foresee yourselves signed to a major label in the near future?

Llama and Digital T: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa...If it happens that would be great, but from our stand point I think an indie label would be a better home for Encounter Box's music...Major labels are looking for a cutout of what was popular the week before, they need to make money, we understand that everyone needs to make money but we feel our music is worth more than that. Don't get us wrong if someone was ready to write a fat check for us we sure could use it...It's not easy out there, but we believe in expression and we feel an indie would give us our right to that for you labels out there...come and get it!!!

What bands do you listen to?

Digital T: Public Enemy, KRS One, The Mighty Bob Marley, Praga Kahn, Beastie Boys, James Brown, The Doors, Celldweller, Lords of Acid, Fear Factory, George Clinton and the P Funk Allstars...who else...??? Alicia's ongoing...always like something new, always treasure something old...there is so much out there, I can't stop, I won't stop! Never...never...never...

Llama: Chemlab, Motley Crue, Skinny Puppy, Acumen Nation, Orgy, 16 Volt, DJ? Acucrack, SMP, Front Line Assembly, Slayer, Crumbsuckers, Cro Mags, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, KMFDM, Devo, Deadsy...I can fill up this interview and then some with this question...this is just one slice of the musical cake that I am looking to devour and it seems to be getting bigger all the time...We both love all types of music...say no more...

What do you think of the current industrial, EBM, synth-pop, darkwave music scene?

Llama: That's difficult to answer...I mean bands like 16 Volt and Acumen Nation pretty much paved the way for all the so called New Metal, and they got nothing...Here in NY you have your scene nights like Albion, Alchemy and so on and the fans go to support the DJs and the's underground and that's what makes it cool...once it gets too big than it gets beat...It's hard too the Darkwave and Goth Folks tend to not like any cross-over and cold wave and vice versa for the rivet heads. You got labels like Invisible hosting a lot of good underground artists and putting them on tour. It's like you want it to be big but on the same hand you don't...There are tons of acts in those genres and big or small they are not going away...

What do you think of downloading music?

Digtial T: I think it's great, whether you pay or not it's a way for other people to hear your music. I can understand the plight of the artist, you wanna get paid for your ideas and your creativity...but you can't always get what you want. It is what it is, if someone is downloading my music for free right now, can I get mad? After all they are listening to my tunes...If I can make money from it great! If I can get a fan from it, even better! You have to understand, we're not big artists. For a bigger artist on a corporate label I can also understand there is more money being put into their projects...there is just so many more people on the money chain there...It's the ol' Catch 22, damned if you do damned if you don't.

Llama: I have over 1000 songs and counting on my Ipod!!

What interests do you have other than music?

Llama: I am a big movie buff! Video games, Art, Museums, Tequila Travel, Sex, Eat good food...Hang with friends and family...Computer Geek Too!!

Digital T: Seeing as we live on an island I love the, camping, the NYC Nightlife! Always gotta change it up. I love to waste a sunday afternoon playing video games and taking my herbal medication...My main interest is the music...Love Hangin' with friends, tipping back a few beers...oh yeah, and my biggest interest...Women!

What can we expect from Encounter Box in the future?

Digital T: End of 2004-Beginning of 2005 look for the release of our new video for ' Verbal Ammunation'... A new disc is also in the works...Also looking to set up a tour early 2005.

Llama: My girl and I are expecting a little Llama in late October. We were just accepted to the 2005 Aid For Bands roster...they are a hard working promotional company based out of Ontario...We're trying to make our way up to the northern territory...Any of our Canadian Brothers and Sisters...keep an eye out for us...Just hard work and relentless effort! We also just hooked up with Amp Energy Drinks who should be sponsoring some shows for us in the near future as well...Just Expect to hear the name Encounter Box more often!

Thanks So Much for taking the time to do this interview...please be sure to support your local bands or the bands a few towns over...just support! Thanks!

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