Album: "Motion" (2000)
Label: Dancing Ferret Discs Inc.
Style: EBM/Synth-pop
Songs: 17


Reviewed by: Darklight

Endanger is a German EBM/Synth-pop band that sounds similar to Beborn Beton, Covenant and Neuroactive. If you like any of those bands, you will most likely enjoy the music of Endanger as well. What you get on this CD are clean electronic songs with untreated deep accented male vocals. Some tracks are energetic EBM for the dance floor with relentless rhythms and beats, while others are slower paced with a lot of drama and melody. Both styles are just as good as each other and add a lot of variety to the CD. While this band isn't really doing anything new or different, they do indeed make some extremely quality music. The vocals are especially good. The singer has a great voice and sings very well. A lot of the songs are catchy and will probably have you singing along to them. There's not a bad song to be found here. Everything will hold your interest and make you want to listen to them quite often. There are a few short instrumentals mixed in with the actual full-length playing songs that seem a little out of place. But they're so short that they almost seem like intros or endings to songs instead of like different tracks. For the most part this band reminds me a lot of Beborn Beton, but with a slightly harder EBM edge. If you enjoy clean European EBM/Synth-pop music, you will definitely want this CD.