Album: "And So It Begins"
Label: n/a (2001)
Style: Electro-pop
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Epsilon Minus is the electro-pop duo of Jennifer Parkin (vocals) and Bogart Shwadchuck (electronics). What they deliver on this CD are clean and polished upbeat electro-pop tunes with dance energy and beautiful angelic female vocals. This is definitely a talented duo that deliver some great catchy tunes here.

The music is pure electro with nicely layered programming and driving beats over enchanting melodies. Jennifer has a nice sweet appealing voice that sings with great range and melody along with the music perfectly.

The overall music is a mixture of EBM and synth-pop. It has the energetic dance floor pace of EBM with the soothing atmospheres of synth-pop. Itís a great combination that makes these songs grab you right from the start and keep you entertained while they flow.

This isnít strictly a dance album as there are some slower, darker, moodier tracks as well that sound almost like darkwave. So this band does do an excellent job of delivering a good helping of variety. Basically, you get some hyper energetic club hits as well as some more somber emotional songs to keep things varied.

I donít really have anything to complain about here. I guess my only nitpick would be that the band doesnít sound very original as there are quite a lot of electro-pop bands out there with female vocals. But Epsilon Minus definitely stands out with some great songs to be enjoyed. Thereís not a disappointing song in the bunch, and each one is entertaining to listen to often.