Album: "Feinde Auf Valium" (2001)
Label: Mental Ulcer Forges
Style: Dark Electro-industrial
Songs: 17


Reviewed by: Darklight

This one man act consisting of Michael Krauss is signed to Rudy Ratzingerís (aka :wumpscut:) label. This should give you a slight idea of what the sound of F/A/V is.

Basically, Michael delivers extremely harsh and brutal fast paced energetic aggressive electro-industrial music that mixes elements of frantic chaotic experimentation and noise with screaming mad distorted German vocals.

This is dark and disturbing music indeed. While itís similar to :wumpscut:, itís a lot more beat heavy and sporadic than Rudyís sound.

Energy drives these songs, and thatís what makes them so entertaining. Basically, you wonít be bored or put to sleep while listening to this CD. The instant the songs begin they pull you in. Thereís no long drawn out intros or outros here. The beats start blasting from the very beginning, and the electronic programing goes haywire while Michael shouts out his angst.

This music is interesting and entertaining because thereís so much happening in it. These are not structured songs with catchy chorusí. These are fits of rage that knock you around like a rag doll.

There are moments when things slow down and sound dark, cold and haunting to give the listener a break from the usual chaos. This adds some variety to the album. But overall this is seventeen tracks of noise induced dark electro-industrial for those who like their music aggro.

My complaints here are that a lot of the songs sound somewhat similar, and all of the lyrics are in German except for one song. Since the vocals are so distorted and scream in a fit, I probably wouldnít be able to understand them even if they were in english. But I would have at least liked to have had the chance to try.