Album: “Days of Darkness”
Label: n/a
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 7


Reviewed by: Darklight

Faith is the solo electro-industrial project of Christian Ore. While he doesn’t really do anything new with the songs delivered on this promo EP; he does manage to put together some decent dark aggressive distorted angry EBM that is sure to please fans of bands like Velvet Acid Christand :wumpscut:.
       Basically what you get here are fast paced and energetic pure electro tracks that feature frantic programming, slamming drum beats and extremely distorted growling vocals. Since this is a self produced demo; the sound quality is a bit noisy, scratchy and muffled. This does take away from the full potential of the music a bit, but you can still hear what Christian has to offer with this project.
       While the songs delivered on this CD are really nothing that different in terms of dark electro-industrial music, they’re still good. There are four original songs and three remixes to be found here. Of course one of the tracks, “Zero Signal”, is a rather mellow instrumental. It’s not too bad, but it would have worked better as an opening or ending track.
       It’s quite obvious that Christian wanted to include as much variety on this EP as he could by including songs with vocals, an instrumental and remixes. So I am sure a full-length album by Faith would be quite good.
       I feel that Christian does show enough quality song creating abilities on this EP to get Faith signed to a label. But once Faith is signed; Christian should polish his sound more and tone down on the distortion. Because it’s proven here that he has the capabilities and ideas to make good music, but he needs to take his skills to the next level. I do look forward to a full-length Faith CD in the near future.