Album: "Album Of The Year" (1997)
Label: Slash Records
Style: Rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Faith No More is known for including a lot of variety on their albums, and "Album Of The Year" is no acception. The 1st song "Collision" rocks hard the instant that it begins with thrashy guitars and screaming vocals. Then the album slows down a bit with the 2nd song "Stripsearch". It's medium paced, melodic, dark, and almost gothic. The 3rd song "Last Cup Of Sorrow" has an alternative rock vibe to it with a melodic catchy chorus. The 4th song "Naked In Front Of The Computer" rocks hard once again with thrashy guitars and punk style screaming vocals. The 5th song "Helpless" slows things down again with a melodic gothic feel. The 6th song "Mouth To Mouth" is a fast paced rock song with word blurting vocals mixed with indian style keyboards and thrashy guitars. The 7th song "Ashes To Ashes" once again slows things down a bit with a haunting goth vibe, but breaks into a rock style chorus. The 8th song "She Loves Me Not" is the only song out of place here. It's a slow paced funky lounge song that is rather cheerful, uplifting, and dull. The 9th song "Got That Feeling" is a fast paced punk song with thrashy guitars and screaming vocals. The 10th song "Paths Of Glory" is a medium paced dark and haunting goth song with a lot of changing emotions. The 11th song "Home Sick Home" is one of the stranger songs to be found here. I would call it country goth. It has a country vibe with a dark edge. The 12th song "Pristina" is the slowest song here. It's very dark and dreary, and is a good song to end this excellent album with. My only complaint with this album is that most of the songs are just too damn short. Most of the heavy hard rock thrashy songs only reach two minutes in length. All of the other songs barely make it past three minutes. But this is a minor gripe considering the quality of the album. If you are looking for variety, this album has it in spades.