Album: "Demanufacture" (1995)
Label: Roadrunner Records
Style: Electro Metal
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

If you're into mosh pit metal, this album is for you. It's full of energy that doesn't let up until the last track. However, what makes this albumstand out amongst other death metal albums out there is the blend between Burton C. Bell's shifting vocal styles and Rhys Fulber's keyboards. Burton C. Bell blurts out anger like no one's business, but he sings melodic, too. Add in Rhys Fulber's excellent touch of keyboards, and you get a death metal band that is not only melodic, but electronic as well. The best track on this album is "Replica". If all of the songs were as catchy as this one, this would be a great album. But even with the slightly shifting vocal styles and slight electronics, this is still a hard-core straight forward death metal album. Every track sounds basically the same. There isn't a whole lot of variety to be found here. I feel that making the electronics more apparent would have helped. Also, adding more diversity into each of the songs. But as it is now, only death metal fans should go for this one.