Album: "Kling Klang Bedlam" (1998)
Label: Pendragon Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album mixes a lot of variety on it. So much in fact that it sounds like a compilation as opposed to an album done by one band. There are several dark and moody electro instrumentals with ambient textures. There are also coldwave style songs that are fast paced and aggressive with frantic electro rhythms and beats, distorted guitars and altered shouting vocals. Some tracks are more EBM with a funk flavor as well. Some mix beautiful soundscapes with heavy drum beats and distorted screaming. There are even a couple of synth-pop moments with crisp electronic sequencing and melodic singing. A lot of the tracks have kind of an uplifting feel to them. Some tracks even come off as alternative. It's hard to label any of the music found here considering that it's so diverse. This is electronic music, but with many different directions for each song. The problem that I have with the overall album is that the instrumentals sound very clean and polished, but the tracks with vocals sound unfinished. There is too much distortion and echo effects used on the vocals that make them sound a bit on the amateur side. The singer shouldn't have used so much vocal effects. He sounds good without them. The entire album is unbalanced. While I like variety, there's just too much here. The album jumps around from one style of music to the next too often. It could have used a lot more polishing and fine tuning before being released. Right now it sounds a bit messy, unfinished and all over the place.