Album: "Fractured"
Label: Negative Gain (2002)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Filament 38 is the electro-industrial project of Ash and Android. While they don't really offer anything new or different on this CD, they do manage to deliver some quality industrial music. Basically, they are good and make some exciting tunes for those who like this style of music.

Everything is done properly here with manic and frantic electronic programming, blasting beats, dark moods and slightly altered male vocals that release the lyrics with anger and hate.

The songs are mid to fast pace unleashing nicely layered sounds and effects with a touch of noise and distortion. There's an overall brooding doom and gloom vibe offered throughout this recording.

While there are some energetic club songs, the majority of the album is rather moody. What I like about this CD is that it manages to blend the old school sound of electro-industrial with some modern elements for a taste of both old and new.

There's not a bad track here, but they all sound rather similar. This is a solid consistent CD, but a little more variety would have been nice.