Album: "Antihero"
Label: Black Flames Records (2002)
Style: Dark Synth-pop
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Final Selection is the German dark synth-pop duo of Riccardo Schult and Mario Tews. What they deliver on this Antihero CD is a blend of synth-pop and darkwave. Basically, the sound offered here is mid-tempo gloomy electronic music with deep dreary male vocals that speak out the lyrics in a monotone style.

The main problem I have with this CD, other than being somewhat dull, is how typical it all sounds. There are elements of Depeche Mode, De/Vision and Diary of Dreams throughout this entire recording. And while those arenít bad bands to borrow from, it would have been nice if more fresh and original ideas were included. Unfortunately, this is rather generic dark synth-pop music that you may have heard many times before.

Itís obvious that this band has the ability to produce quality music as everything here is well done. The electronic programming is nicely layered and textured with solid beats blended with enchanting melodies. The vocals are deep and clear and sing rather well. The problem is that none of the songs ever really jump out and grab your attention.

While thereís a good mix of mid-tempo tracks and slightly more energetic tracks, they all have a haunting darkwave edge that makes them rather dreary. And this prevents any of them from working as dance tracks. Basically, this isnít club music. Thereís a lot of mood and atmosphere contained in these songs making them best suited for home stereo and headphones.

While overall this isnít a bad debut for Final Selection, itís also not very exciting, either. Most of the songs sound rather alike, and none of them really stand out as hits. But if youíre a big fan of synth-pop music, then you might want to check this out.