Album: "Dominus Et Deus" (1997)
Label: Crematoria
Style: Electro industrial/goth
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is an excellent six song demo tape. The songs here range from energetic dark electro industrial with pissed off growling male vocals to more harmonic and haunting electro goth with chilling female singing. The only problem that I have with this is that the two styles almost sound like different bands. Also, the slower goth style songs with female singing are more dominant than the aggressive industrial ones with the male shouting. I like both, but it's just that I would like to see more of a balance. I would also like to see a combination of both male and female vocals on some of the songs. Right now they take turns. Some songs have strictly male vocals while others have strictly female vocals. They should mix both together once in a while. This would add for even more variety and diversity. The music is constructed with moody electronic sequencing, haunting synth melodies, drum programming and some slight sampled guitar. Some of the songs are a bit repetitive and dreary, but still sound good. I like everything delivered here, but I want more than six songs. I want a full length CD. I really hope that a label picks this band up soon, because these are talented individuals that deserve to have their music heard by industrial and goth music fans everywhere.