Album: "Momentum" (1997)
Label: Gonzo! Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Full Frequency is a California based guitar rock band that incorporate electronic sounds and slight synth melodies into their music. Each song presented here is rather straight forward and structured. Guitars, drums and clean singing male vocals are mainly what are used. Electronics are present, but play more in the background. Every song is fast paced and rather aggressive, but do seem to follow an alternative rock formula that makes them generic. All of the tracks sound basically the same and only play for about three minutes each. The songs do have a raw energy about them that almost sounds like punk, but still include enough melody and rhythm that keeps them from being pure thrash noise. Also, the singer uses no distortion on his voice and does sing instead of just growl the lyrics. But he doesn't try anything different from track to track. Just as the music doesn't seem to really change from one song to the next. If you are a big fan of commercial industrial bands like Gravity Kills then you will enjoy this album.