Album: "Disposable Pop Songs" (2000)
Label: Fleshtunes
Style: Electro-alternative rock
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

Try to think of an upbeat alternative rock band such as The Bloodhound Gang or Weezer creating their music primarily with electronic programming, keyboards, distorted guitar and altered vocals and you will begin to get an idea of what The Fleshpeddlers sound like. Their songs are energetic with a lot of catchy hooks. The vocals are processed with a muffled echo sound and sung in a rather high-pitched tone. The music is layered with guitar, bass, electro sounds, keyboard melodies and solid drum beats. Everything here has a rather uplifting feel to it. This band doesn't appear to want to be taken too seriously. They seem to be all about having fun. Their music would be a hit on college radio stations. I can't deny the fact that they're a quality band that do create well structured songs. But they would appeal more to people who like alternative rock music than industrial/EBM. If they polished their sound a little more, I could easily see them making it big in the alternative rock music scene.