Album: "Trip to the Core" (2001)
Label: Tone Casualties
Style: Ambient / Experimental
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Flying Dutchman is the solo experimental project of Hanyo Van Oosterom. Guest musicians and vocalists are also credited on this release.

Dark, cold, dreary, funky and minimalistic are some words that describe the music offered on this disc. At times the pace picks up as well with more beats and melodies. Maybe think of Delerium slowed down to almost a crawl and you can start to get an idea of what is offered here. But this is a little more experimental than Delerium.

The songs are made up of various sounds, funky bass beats, dramatic melodies and spoken word. Since there is slight structure here, and the music is rather full and textured, I did find this CD interesting to listen through. While itís not really my thing, I still have to admit that itís rather well done and creative.

Thereís not a lot of differences from one track to the next. Everything does pretty much stick to the same style throughout this album. But there are slight changes and variations in the compositions allowing them to be distinguished from one another.

If you enjoy ambient music with a touch of experimentation, this is probably a CD you will like.