Album: "Subsonic Hysteria" (1998)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Electro(nica)
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Nicholas

You may remember this band as the former Off Beat act Genital A-Tech. They have completely changed their sound from Electro/EBM to a more Electro/ Electronica type thing along the lines of the last Front Line Assemblyt change in sound.  They do almost as good of a job, too.  What they end up with is a sound not unlike Meat Beat Manifesto's early works, right down to the nearly-rap vocals style.  There are a lot of good hard electro elements layed over popular electronica/drum and bass rhythms in "Suck Hysteria", "Prozac Check", and "Spooky".  "Worldwide Genocide" has a simpler rhythm and could pass for any song on MTV's Amp.  What mey keep them from becoming popular US acts is their insistance on sexually-oriented lyrics.  They do not delve so far into them as to be a Lords of Acid type project where it is difficult to pay attention to the music because of how raunchy the lyrics are, but the innuendos are all there. The Long 'n' Dirty remix of "Suck Hysteria" and the "Surplus Prozac" remix are a bit weaker than the originals, but I have to give G-AT credit for including four new songs and having only one bonus remix for any given song.  In this way it is a well rounded EP and is easily enjoyable.  Now if their first album could get some US distribution...