Album: "Chain Bridge" (1998)
Tone Casualties
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

The music found on this album is very artistic and experimental. It's what I call sound art. It features dark orchestrations overlayed by various sound effects and noises. It's the kind of strange music you would hear in old sci-fi shows such as the Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone. My problem is that this music just doesn't seem to work on its own without being used to create mood in a film or play. Just to listen to this odd musical art on it's own doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I guess I just don't see the appeal in it. To me this kind of music is meant to go along with something visual. It's just not something I could crank in my car while driving. But I do admit that it's well done for what it is with a lot happening in it. If you enjoy obscure sounds and noises blended together with orchestrations, you should like what this album has to offer.