Album: "Machine Love" (2000)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Industrial
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

This eight song MCD contains four remixes of songs from Genitorturers’ previous album “Sin City” as well as four brand new songs. Each and every song here is superb offering an electronic edge that was lacking from their earlier efforts.

The surprise track here is the excellent dark cover of the Divinyl’s classic “Touch Myself”. Gen sings the lyrics seductively making you really enjoy what she is saying. All of the songs here are good and are placed in a great order. There is a lot of variety from track to track as some songs are heavy industrial while others are more dark and melodic.

I complained in the past that Gen was a good singer with a nice voice, but wasted it by singing angry and aggressive all of the time. Thankfully, she really mixes it up here often by singing melodic as well as with energy. She really shows off her vocal range on this album, and it’s nice to hear her experimenting with different singing styles within the songs themselves.

Even though the songs here contain more electronic elements (especially the remixes) than Genitorturers songs have in the past; the guitars, bass and drums still dominate a little more than I would like. While the guitar parts in these tracks do indeed work rather well and give the songs a heavier edge, more electronic programming and synth melodies would definitely improve the band’s overall sound.

The bottom line is that this CD is a must for fans of heavy guitar industrial featuring female vocals. There is a great blend of aggression and calmer more melodic moments delivered throughout this album to offer a good helping of variety from beginning to end.

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Album: "Sin City" (1998)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Electro rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Genitorturers is the type of band that fits in with other campy acts such as THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, LORDS OF ACID and MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT. In other words, you can't really take them seriously. The songs here are fast paced heavy rock assaults created with guitars, bass and drums. Hidden behind everything are very slight touches of electronic sequencing and synths. The vocals are female and sing both rough and angry as well as more beautiful and melodic. The problem that I have with this album is that it proves that this band could be a very serious dark and beautiful electro gothic band if they wanted to be. Gen, the singer of the band, has a very good voice. However, it's much better when she actually sings with melody. It's more artificial sounding when she shouts and yells with anger. The songs here that are straight forward heavy rock are rather boring. It's the slower paced songs with uses of electronics and synths combined with the cold singing that stand out the most. I am hoping that this band realizes where their true talents are and use them on their next release. They should leave the campy rock angst behind and focus their musical abilities on their darker and more serious side. But the bottom line is that if you want a heavy rock album that combines female vocals with slight touches of industrial and goth elements as well, this is a good choice.

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