Album: "Broken By The World"
Label: n/a
Style: Noisy alternative/ melodic elctro /          experimental
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

Ginger Leigh offers a lot of variety on this demo EP. The first song combines fuzzy guitars, noise sounds and tribal drum beats with male vocals that are slightly altered and yell out the lyrics in a rather high-pitched tone.

The rest of the album offers some techno with repetitive bass beats and melodic soundscapes. There is an interesting track with a beautiful sounding woman humming over soothing music. The CD ends with an alarm mixed with tribal drums.

This is definitely a strange CD. It starts off one way, and then goes in several different directions before it finishes. While I personally donít really enjoy anything that is offered here, it is still quite interesting sound art that Iím sure some people will like.

This project would be perfect on the Tone Casualties label as it would fit with their current line up of experimental artists.